A Condo 4 U

         If you are looking for a vacation in the American Southwest, you came to the right place!  You could surf another hundred hours and not find a clearly better choice.  Or, you could check these out and maybe have your best vacation ever.

Imperial Beach  (near San Diego, California)

Millcreek Pueblo  (in Moab, Utah)

Please:  No Pets, and No Smoking.

Why Imperial Beach?  Why Moab?

         How can you not love the ocean and an oasis in the desert?  Our Imperial Beach condo is right on the breaking waves.  Our Moab condo is in the center of some of the most photographed terrain in the world.

         There are lots of places just as good.  Many places are very different.  Both of these places, however, are at the top of their class.  You owe yourself a visit.